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Rental Program

Breathe easy… With the Horseshoe Rental Program

When you’re relaxing in your new suite, there’s no shortage of things to do. Skiing… biking… dining… simply unwinding… you’re here to enjoy your downtime to its fullest. The Horseshoe Rental Program recognizes your regular, everyday life is just as busy too. You work hard. So, we work hard to make sure your vacation property works hard for you.



  1. We do all the legwork. We find and screen responsible guests, collect rent and take care of all the paperwork. Our rental network also allows us to find rental opportunities for shorter time periods than if you were to rent it yourself.
  2. Your peace of mind is our business. We’re here on-site to ensure your property is well looked after when you’re not here to monitor your asset. Meanwhile, our property experts work on your behalf to maximize your rental revenue.
  3. Your vacation time comes first. We find guest opportunities that work around your vacation schedule. We can also consult with you on the best times to make your suite available to rent for greater revenue opportunities.